Cotton Rope Hammocks

Cotton Rope Hammock, made out of 100% natural cotton fibers made into thread and 3 ply twisted ropes made to diameter of ½ “, hand woven into hammock bed, braided clew ends are finally assembled with Hard Wood Spreader Bars, Lacquer coated for outdoor finish, Zinc coated steel O rings braided with cotton rope to make it clew rings which goes to both side of the hammock to make a perfect hammock. Hammock can be hung between two trees using a tree strap or a tree hook. Hammock can also fit on to metal hammock stand or a wooden hammock stand. Cotton Rope Hammocks are offered various options such as single/double person use. Single is made out with an overall length of 11ft and that of double in 13ft, which would ideal fit on a 13/15 Ft Hammock Stand.